Transhuman/Posthuman Web Report

In Bruce Sterling's Holy Fire, the digital artists of the late 21st century are no longer hyphenated or hybrids. They are simply artificers. And in Interface Culture, Steven Johnson refers to a similar melding, a kind of vocation: "The artisans of interface culture . . . have become some new fusion of artist and engineer--interfacers, cyberpunks, Web masters--charged with the epic task of representing our digital machines, making sense of information in its raw form." -steve.dietz b e y o n d i n t e r f a c e : net art and Art on the Net I

The Extropy Institute: What do "Transhumanism" and "Posthumanism" mean? The Zaius Institute: (escalator as escalator) More Deffinitions: A comprehensive list at "Aleph" cross reference... Augment(able) Now!: