Books of Poetry

Here they are, from newest to oldest. Click the title of the book to view its contents. I created all the covers myself; click a thumbnail to view a larger version. With the exception of La Zuppa, I wrote all the poems here.

Please send me an email if you enjoy these poems or want to contact me about reprinting anything.

Photocopies and Staples

(Summer 2003) I had planned this book eons before I ever got around to it. I finally ended up scrambling to put it together before the 2003 National Poetry Slam. It wasn't that I was performing or anything, I just wanted to have something to show to other poets. But the social "scene" was rather disappointing, and I don't think I gave them out to that many people.

Horizontal Mumbo

(Summer 1997) I never made more than four copies of this one, and they didn't even go out to friends. I broke this book down into four sections, complete poems, unfinished poems, poetic fragments and sentences and also some little prose bits I've written on being a poet. The poetic fragments and sentences section was an attempt to bring my mindblurbs to a chapbook.

Chronic Awe

(1996) This was one of my failed attempts to create a zene. I wrote all the poems for it, and this editor's introduction. I fully intended to sell copies for $5 a pop, but never printed any of them.

La Zuppa!

(Spring 1995) La Zuppa! was a colaboration between myself and two other students at North High School, good friends of mine, Dom and Pete. The cover and inserts were all handmade paper. This particular cover was stapled together because the paper turned out thin and didn't hold up too well. (Note: The pages of this one are not text, they've been "scanned in" because I didn't have the text, and because there are numerous drawings. As a result, the pages may take awhile to load. I've tried to present them in under 200K chunks.)

the inside cover
title & copywright page
The first third of the book, (with my poetry and stuff...)
Pete's section
Dom's section

Word Nebula

(Winter, 1994) This was my second book. If I remember right, I slapped it together right before winter break my senior year in high school.

...drawn to flame

(summer, 1994) I put this one together for a then-girlfriend's birthday. She got the only copy.

Emotional Industry

(Spring, 1994) was my first book. I still think it looks the most professional (in print). I probably spent the most time on it too, with nothing better to do with my time at the Arts High School.

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